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BlitzSonic projects/stages                                                          Music: Sonic Generations - Main Menu

On this page you can see all of my previous and upcoming works.

Upcoming Works

Half made projects/stages.

Currently Available Works

All of the available works can be downloaded from my Youtube Channel!

BlitzSonic Ultra 3 - Ripped Glyphic Canyon

BlitzSonic Ultra 3 - Spagonia 


Hogwarts Exterior

Just for testing Arrow's Mod...XD 



Crisis City







Sonic Adventure Unlimited (has it's own page XD)







Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Splash Hill Zone 




Glitch Zone (Blue Coast Zone)                                                                 

 It was supposed to be a test stage, but later it was turned into a very annoying one.

Hint: Never lose speed while you are ascending! 


Christmas Stage Releases                                                                      

Only 2 stages, but more detailed than the previous ones.


Crisis City (2.0)

Unleashed stage releases 

Spagonia Daytime and Nighttime

BlitzSonic stage pack

Sonic's World 

My first own BlitzSonic fangame.

Two Sonic from two separated world.

"Not my best one!"


SA2PC - Dark Story 

Although SA2PC wasn't made by me I still made it Dark Story. I mean SA2PC was only a collection of other users re-textured stages.

Too linear stages, but better than nothing.